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/* Dummy file to avoid undefined symbols in the library */
/* Kevin McCarty, 14 Jan 2003 */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

/* Want the dummy functions to be weakly defined so they may be overridden
 * without error. */

#define kludge(x)    #x
#define stringify(x) kludge(x)
#define underline(x) dummy_ ## x

#define DUMMY(UPPERNAME, fortranname_, returntype) \
static returntype underline(fortranname_)() { print_dummy(#UPPERNAME); } \
void fortranname_() \
      __attribute__ ((weak, alias (stringify(underline(fortranname_))) ))

static void print_dummy(const char *function)
  fprintf(stderr, "herwig59: Now in dummy %s routine.\n", function);
          "If you see this message, you should define your own such routine.\n"
        "For details, see the file /usr/share/doc/libherwig59-dev/herwig59.txt.gz\n");

DUMMY(HWABEG, hwabeg_, void);
DUMMY(HWANAL, hwanal_, void);
DUMMY(HWAEND, hwaend_, void);

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